Goodman Furnace Error Codes

The flashing LEDs on your furnace will correspond to a specific fault code that is shown here on their diagnostic chart.

Goodman is one of the biggest names in home heating and energy-efficient home comfort.

Goodman Manufacturing is an American company operating as an independent subsidiary of Daikin Group, the world's largest manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products and systems. The company, founded in 1975 and based in Houston, Texas, manufactures residential heating and cooling systems.

Here are some common Goodman furnace fault codes you may come across.



Potential issues
1 flash Ignition error (retries exceeded) / Flame failure Faulty or dirty flame sensor, faulty igniter, gas supply interruption, etc.
2 flashes Pressure switch error (stuck closed) Short in the pressure switch circuit, faulty pressure switch, draft inducer not working, etc.
3 flashes Pressure switch error (stuck open) Blockage in pressure switch hose, pressure switch hose improperly connected, loose wiring, induced draft blower operating when it shouldn't be, etc.
4 flashes Open high limit Dirty filters, wiring issue, blockage in flue, etc.
5 flashes

Flame sensed with gas valve off (i.e. no call for heat)

Leaky gas valve, gas valve stuck open, defective flame sensor, etc.
6 flashes Open rollout switch Blocked or cracked heat exchanger, blocked vent, low gas pressure, etc.
7 flashes Low flame error Low gas pressure, faulty flame sensor, dirty flame sensor, etc.
8 flashes Ignitor error Faulty ignitor, ignitor not properly connected, wiring issues, etc.
9 flashes Open pressure switch, induced draft blower on Pressure switch hose cracked, blocked or improperly connected, faulty pressure switch, etc.
Continuous flashing Reversed polarity Issue with wiring