A Message to our Customers and Partners for COVID-19

We understand that many people rely on HVAC services and we would like to take that point seriously. Since we are working as one community fighting against the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to share how Glors Heating & Air Conditioning team is taking care of the situation.

Your safety and health are the topmost concern now, and so we are going to take a number of measures ensuring that the work is done safely and effectively for all our customers, team employees as well as partners.

We have planned out the following precautionary steps keeping up with the safety guidelines of WHO and CDC:

We care for our employees too!

Our team is just like family to us. We let our team members take a considerable amount of time for their rest, health and family time. So, please keep the faith that we won’t send any ill professional to your home.

Social Distancing

We shall follow the social distancing rule strictly for all our technicians. There won’t be any handshake and we have encouraged our team for frequent hand washing as well. We also request our valued customers to follow the social distancing while our teammates are at work.

Protective Gears for all our Employees

All our employees will have their masks and gloves throughout the working time. This will help in preventing the spread of any kind of germ or virus.

Proper Sanitation

We shall ensure that space and all the HVAC tools are properly sanitized during and after the job is done.

Giving the Updates

We are thoughtful about the health and safety of all our dear customers, team, and their families. Therefore, we shall take the necessary decision, keep you updated and continue the possible work amidst this uncertainty.

We care for you and your family!

It’s a tough time but we shall overcome it. Our prayers to all the people who have been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking this moment to appreciate all the brave hearts – healthcare department, security personnel, supermarket workers risking their lives and serving us. Thank you.



Team Glors Heating and Air Conditioning