Air Conditioning Repair Basics - AC Not Cooling the House

All kinds of machine and home equipment require maintenance at one point or the other. You simply couldn’t skip it, if you really want to use the machine in the best way. When it comes to air conditioning system, the most common issue is the inappropriate cooling. This is something that you could easily identify compared to other technical problems, isn’t it?  

Let me first divide the topic into two parts. 

  • Most Common AC Repair Parts 
  • Types of AC Repair Problems  

Starting with the first part,  

Common Air Conditioning Parts That Go to Repair Service 

  1. Condenser Unit

 You will know this air conditioning part is having trouble if:  

  • Cooling is not as effective as before 
  • Air passing through the vents is of the room temperature 
  • Machine not turning on or working properly 
  1. Furnace

This component is less known for its working; however, the furnace is used for both heating and cooling purpose. Reasons for a faulty furnace could be any of the following: 

  • Unusual noise or odour from the machine 
  • Air filters need to be cleaned 
  • Fan or motors have stopped working 
  • Heat exchanger needs repairing 
  1. Air Duct

Air duct repair is one of the most critical of all. This is because, the air duct is arranged throughout the house, so if there is any leak then the repairing can cost you a lot.  

Tear in the air ducts can lead to conditions like: 

  • Bad air conditioning 
  • Rise in power consumption 
  • Poor indoor air quality 
  • Longer run time 

Air Conditioner Repair & Problems  

1. Leaking Refrigerant

If your air conditioning unit has this problem, they may be your unit was not well charged with the refrigerant before or there is a leak. Just adding the refrigerant won’t solve the problem, you will have to contact a technician and get professional support on this.  

Our experienced technicians at the Glors Heating & Air Conditioning would take care of the problem for you. They would take special note if the refrigerant amount suits well with the machine specifications.  

2. Electric Failure 

Electric power failure can occur on the compressor or the fan setting due to wear and tear. If you are a regular user of the air conditioner, then there are chances of wires getting rusted. Just make sure you take care of the electric parts and do a monthly check on them to prevent high damage.   

3. Sensor Issues  

Coming to the sensors, these components are located right behind the control panel. The sensors measure the temperature of the incoming air and then pass to the AC coil. The sensor should be placed near to the coil, but it shouldn’t be touching the coil – the easiest way to ensure that the sensor is in place.  

4. Less Maintenance 

Basic of all, maintenance. If you are letting the air conditioner to build up dirt and perform bad, then sooner or later the machine will shut down. So, it’s your responsibility to take care of the air conditioner at regular intervals. This will ensure better output efficiency and a long shelf-life.