Important Guidelines for a Faultless Air Conditioner Installation  #TheGlorsWay

When you contact your HVAC professional for air conditioner installation, there are a few points which you need to take care of. This is exactly what we are going to discuss today. How the AC installation makes a difference in performance & cost?

There are so many pros & cons for AC Installation which impact pricing, performance, breakdowns & life spend.

Here are a few tips that might help you to select the right HVAC Contractor to do so.

1. Using high quality (thick) copper tubes vs low quality (thin) copper tubing.

2. Size of copper tubing makes a difference in price, performance & life spend of a compressor.

3. The evaporate coil makes a huge difference in the price and performance of AC. As well main culprit of leakage of refrigerant. Example: Copper coil vs Aluminium coil.

4. Even in copper coil reliability of brand makes difference in price.

5. For retrofit installation cleaning existing copper tube before installing new AC makes a huge difference. As old refrigerant R22 use mineral oil while new 410A refrigerant use POE oil.

6. Using Nitrogen before brazing vs skip the process. At the time of brazing copper tubes, oxidation happens due to oxygen in the air, which makes carbon and reduces the performance & life of AC.

7. Using Nitrogen before brazing reduces oxidation as it is an inert gas.

8. Performing proper Vacuum vs Flushing with refrigerant will save some labor cost but compromise in performance of AC.

9. Leaving properly charged AC vs leave at factory charged. All the Condenser(outside AC Unit)comes with a certain amount of refrigerant only. If the refrigerant is overcharged or undercharged both impacts heavily on the performance and life of the compressor.

10. And at last most important is the commitment of service and reliability of company vs Tom, Nick & Harry who change phone number and name of the company every other year.

At GLORS Heating & Air Conditioning we proudly say, we might be not the cheapest in price but best in quality work GUARANTEED.