HVAC Air flow issues and its solutions

Have you ever felt, “why the airflow in one room is lower than the other room?” Or “why one room is feeling hot in summer and cool in winter?” 

If yes! then there might be issues with these things... 

Continue reading to know more about HVAC Air Flow issues and know its solutions. 

  • Poor design of Ductwork  

You may be wondering like “Why is your one room colder than other rooms?” It is due to Poorly installed ductwork – or old ductwork that wasn’t upgraded alongside your system. That may suffer imbalances. A skilled HVAC technician can address these issues, will install it carefully. We will set the vents and progressively smaller duct sizes for a balanced system, and adjust the dampers to further even out airflow and temperature. 

  • Too many diversions in duct work 

It actually reduces the air flow pressure. Hence, it slows down the air flow. 

  • Length of ductwork  

It can be said that the room nearest the furnace or cooling unit will warm and conditioned air respectively. Those rooms which are located further way from the HVAC framework would receive less air flow. So, the length of the ductwork from furnace to particular room does really matter when you got hot and cold spot in your home. 

  • Open or not connected duct fitting  

For your information, there are 2 types of duct work: one is Metal sheet ductwork and another is flex ductwork. These both ductworks can be disconnected from the main duct, or between the pipes, or at the end register of fittings.  It can cause less or more hot or cold from HVAC systems. 

Ducts can lose up to 30% of airflow from leaks. Even small leaks from poorly insulated ducts can affect airflow throughout the house. Large leaks, such as from loose joints, can completely eliminate airflow to distant rooms. 

You’ll need a professional to locate the disconnected duct and seal it so that no air escapes. Inspect your home thoroughly, properly addressing leaks. Even small leaks can make a huge difference in comfort – and your energy bills 

  • Blockage in duct 

A blocked HVAC duct can put you and your home in worry. Imagine, if blockage of duct happens in the months of summer, then some of your home’s room cannot get enough cold air. So, how to know if your ducts blocked or not? Here are some basic questions to determine is it so or not! 

  1. Are you experiencing lower air flow in any room? 
  2. Are you feeling cold during winters and hot during summers? 
  3. Is the temperature varying frequently? 

If you answer yes then you should call cleaning professionals, check your vents and get them cleaned by experts. If you don’t then you might get energy bills higher due to this issue. 

  • Close damper of vent 

HVAC vent dampers are valves in your ducts that control airflow in your air duct system. When open, air flows freely; when closed (or almost shut), there’s little or no airflow. Have you ever wondered if an AC vent should be open or closed? If you are using your heating and cooling system, they should always stay open! Even in rooms you are not using. Your system has to breathe. You may have a closed damper in the duct that’s blocking air from reaching the vent in your one room. 


Now, let’s see how to overcome these issues: 

  • Well, the solutions are not easy at all. First things first, you should consult good duct cleaner company – ask them to investigate if there are any blockages in your vents or not. If yes then get cleaned it immediately.  
  • Ask them for Air Balancing. It’s a process of adjusting warm and cold air equally in all rooms of your home. 
  • Try the vent FAN (Vent itself has fan in it) which pulls the air from duct and throw in that particular room. 
  • if all above doesn’t work than you need redesign the whole ductwork. Contact Architect and ask for Redesign ductwork with local city approval. 


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