10 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality Inside Our Homes

For a long time, we have associated air pollution only with the outdoors. However, things are getting more tough with the rise in indoor pollutants like dirt, dust, molds, etc.  

Bad indoor air has been linked to conditions like asthma, lung ailments, and fatigue.  

The quickest way to check the indoor air quality is by using the air quality tester kit. You can easily find them online and get to know the current air condition.  

What next? Still, you must take care of the house, and keep it clean by following certain tips. Other air purifiers and cleaners from Carrier, Goodman, Lennox could also be beneficial for this work.  

  1. Proper ventilation 

    We got to be connected with nature, as that’s the only resort in the end. Without efficient ventilation, you are simply letting the air to remain stagnant inside the room.  Along with the ventilation, you can make use of Hepa Air purifier and ensure a clean, allergen-free for your family. 

  2. Clean floors 

    Floors are another most pollutant-accumulated space in the house. Run the mop or suck up all the mold, pollen and dust using the vacuum cleaner.

  3. Change the air filters

    If you are using systems like the American Standard HVAC units, make sure that they are cleaned and regularly upgraded. 
  4. Maintain the AC system 

    Air conditioners refresh the indoor air and dries up the indoor air, right? The air filter inside the AC system needs to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Therefore, take some time out of your schedule and maintain the systems with the filters.

  5. Place an indoor houseplant 

    Indoor plants can help with removing toxins out from the indoors, and also enhance the look and feel of the room. Find the list of the best indoor plants that will go perfect for homes.  

  6. Keep the clothes and sheets clean 

    It’s the basic clean house requirement. Don’t accumulate the clothes that need to be washed, get started with them one by one! It would get easy, trust me!  

  7. Even the home furniture matters 

    Most of the furniture products are joined using glue, and the same glue releases toxins after some point of time. Take a look at the furniture that you choose for your home.  

  8. Use natural room freshening method 

    The synthetic aromatic sprays may contain certain chemicals, and you are now spraying that all around the room. You can replace that with lemon slices and baking soda for removing the odour from the rooms and kitchen space.

  9. Carry out air quality testing 

    Once you start taking care of the indoor air, you can check air quality in-home at this stage. 

  10. Light up a salt lamp – a recommended thing for the asthma patients 

    Did you know that beeswax candles are one of the effective air purifiers? Now that you are allergic to fumes then you could simply light a salt lamp. This special lamp is created with keeping a light source inside a huge piece of Himalayan salt. Basically, the salt lamp releases out negative ions which kills the ions and allergens causing elements. 

Are you familiar with any of the tips listed here? What is your go-to method when it comes to indoor air quality? Do share it with us!