Top 10 Tips for Maintaining your Air Conditioner by Glors

It's important to keep your home appliances checked once a while, especially the heating and cooling systems at home. One such critical system is our air conditioners, and today we are going to learn some basic tips that you could apply for AC maintenance at home.

Air Conditioner Maintenance BASICS

If you are someone who maintains the air conditioner regularly, then kudos to you for that!

Well, if you are not then no worries! Our people at Glors have penned down the following air conditioner repair and maintenance tips just for you. They are given as follows!

1. Clean condenser (AC unit outside) with soft pressure water. Don’t worry much about the bottom. Make sure to turn off the breaker for AC before doing it.

2. Never use a pressure washer or high-pressure water spray, it can damage condenser and reduce efficiency.
If it is heavily dirty contact your HVAC contractor.

3. If you turn OFF the breaker of AC during winter, make sure to turn it ON before 48 hours of start using your AC.

4. Never cover your AC, even in winter. Covering AC can increase breakdowns.

5. Make sure for NO obstruction 6” surrounding of the condenser unit.

6. Always check your Filter, and make sure to replace it from time to time.

7. Especially for old Furnace fans, do not use dense filters which reduces airflow and leads to frozen Coil Or ice build-up.

8. Check the drain tube for any blockages. Clean it to avoid water dripping into Furnace & surroundings.

9. Before calling any technician for troubleshooting.
     - Check the breaker if it is tripped off.
     - Check the Furnace switch.
     - Check Fuse.
     - Check the thermostat's setting and batteries.

10. If it is time to replace your Air Condition, ask your contractor if you are eligible for any Rebate.

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