Has your furnace stopped working?

In Canada, we face the winter season from November-end and its last long to march. Of course, it's an awesome feeling but shivering inside your home/residence or at your office is quite offensive. Just owing to some critical issues with your heating system, you might have to suffer from cold weather inside. Whenever it happens like your furnace stops working, you may draw your attention to call up a profession to check the hell problem.  


If your furnace has stopped working for any reason, then this guide is for you. 

Don’t Panic, Check these super 7 points before calling your Furnace Technician:

1. Check your breaker or fuse box if the breaker is tripped.

  • This is basically a power supply problem we can say. If your furnace cannot get constant power then there could be a problem. It is as simple as finding the power supply source and just switching on the circuit breaker. For your information, the furnace may have 2 circuit breakers, not only 1. They may have anywhere nearer or top & bottom. 
  • Flip the electrical switch in reverse, close to the outside. At that point, flip it internal. It should fit properly, actuating the heater.  
  • Another approach to check whether your heater is getting power includes the flip switch as an afterthought that permits you to physically turn on fan-just activities. Flipping this switch and tuning in for the fan permits you to twofold watch that the heater is accepting force. Regardless of whether the burner some portion of the heater isn't operable, different pieces of the heater are working. 

2. Check your thermostat for battery & proper setting of heat.

Check the indoor regulator when the heater is not working, is one of those arrangements that appears to be really straightforward and self-evident. However, there might be a couple of perspectives that you have not thought of.   

  • Display of time (clock) on the Thermostat should be in good working condition. Check it and in the event that the clock is off, at that point it won’t work accurately. 
  • A lot of indoor thermostats stop working if they cannot get enough input voltage. But it can work by the batteries too, which is there on-board. That is sometimes required to be changed. 
  • On the off chance that you see the programmable indoor regulator as too hard to even think about understanding, change it out for a more seasoned style dial simple indoor regulator, if just for testing purposes. 
  • Check endpoints of thermostat wire and furnace wire, which must be connected. 

3. Check your furnace switch if it is OFF.

Mistakenly many times it happens that your furnace switch is off and you are worried about it stopped working. So, take a look at furnace switch whether it is turned on or off! 

4. Check your furnace filter if it is heavily dirty or clogged.

It is advisable that you replace your furnace filters regularly. Because if there is any dirt on the filter then it could be a reason for not working efficiently. 
5. Check your furnace drain tube

Check it only in a high-efficiency furnace for kink or blockage. 

6. Check your vent pipe or fresh air intake pipe if it is blocked by snow or something else.

7. After checking all this finally turn OFF the furnace switch & turn back ON 10 seconds later.

Restarting your furnace is a basic thing to do. In some cases, inefficient power can be a reason that leads to not working well. Frequent restarts may solve your problem. 


If the furnace still doesn’t give heat, then it's time to call an expert to resolve your problem!


Image credits: pickhvac.com