Is Air Duct Cleaning an important element in HVAC?

This seems a silly question, isn’t it? Can air duct cleaning could be an important work in the heating and cooling service? We shall understand the concept in detail here.

Before that, let me introduce myself! My name is Jack and I am here on behalf of our team Glors Heating and Air Conditioning. Air duct cleaning and maintenance is one of the commonly asked questions for the HVAC Mississauga and that’s why I felt the need to address the issue right away.

Want to use your heating and cooling machine in the perfect way? You need to ensure that all the connected elements are working in their best efficient way.

An air duct is such a crucial element that’s checked during air conditioning repair as well as furnace repair and installation.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Okay, you maintain home well and there’s no dirt or dust spot anywhere.

But wait do you also check the portions which are not clearly visible?

Unfortunately, parts like the air duct or the HVAC duct that passes the heated or cooled air inside the room gets highly affected. These small tiny duct passages are a great home for dust and dirt collection.

Also, air ducts are hidden well so you won’t easily make out about it. It takes in the outside air for the cooling and take in the air contaminants before circulating the cooled air. While you book the air conditioning services in Brampton, you can ask your HVAC contractor to check the air ducts for you.

What Does Your Air Duct Service Provider Offer?

There are many benefits of air duct cleaning done by efficient HVAC servicing.

However, people sometimes using the heating system or air conditioners try to do this work by themselves. If you are planning to clean the air ducts by yourself, please wait before you know the reality.

Air Duct Cleaning is carried out by a special procedure making use of industry-specific tools only. While there are instances when the air duct is cut for the process and resealed back to the main component. Hence, it’s always better to take professional help in this.

The steps involved in Air Duct Cleaning process are listed below:

  • Air Duct Inspection: During this time, our highly skilled HVAC technician Brampton would go through your air conditioner or any other HVAC system and understand the nature of the problem in a closer way.
  • Vacuum: Once the air duct inspection is done, a high-powered HEPA vacuum is attached over the duct system for the actual cleaning process.
  • Cleaning the dirt: The third step of the service is the cleaning. There are dedicated air duct cleaning tools that will remove the dirt and suck them out via the vacuum hose into the collecting truck.
  • Clean the vents: During this step, we clean all the vents gently and wipe out all the extra debris/dirt.

Once the job is done, our HVAC team will call you up and show up the collected debris and dirt that we got removed from the air duct.

Tips to Prevent Duct Contamination at Home!

The tips you can follow for air duct maintenance are listed below:

  1. Make use of quality air filters, using which you could keep your indoor air quality in check and keep all the pollutants out.
  2. Do a regular maintenance check of all your heating and cooling systems.
  3. Check if the air ducts are wet. This is because wetness could make a home for mold and bacteria. Your HVAC components must always remain dry and clean.
  4. Finally, do a double check on the air duct installation.

How Does It Impact Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is a less discussed topic and I would like to put some light on it.

Has your furnace broken down for some reason? This can increase the impurity level in your home and could potentially make you sick.

Similarly, giving up on air duct cleaning will pollute the indoor air causing breathing and other health issues.

I would like to recommend an instance which should make you investigate the air duct maintenance at home.

Firstly, there will be a visible mold formation on the furnace or air conditioner system. Secondly, if you find your home to be dusty at all times even when you clean/maintain the rooms well. Thirdly, if your home has undergone a renovation work lately. And fourthly, if your power bill is rocketing for some reason – then you must get in touch with your nearest HVAC Contractor as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and helped you in the right way! Get your HVAC tune-up done today!