Repairing Broken Furnace: What does the HVAC Experts Say?

There's nothing worse than waking up to the cold breeze during the night, and you suddenly realize- your home furnace system has broken down. So how could you examine the problem and know what’s wrong with the unit? This is called the ‘technique of troubleshooting a furnace system’. This may look simple and interesting at first, however, it can make/break the situation for you.  

There are a lot of things to consider and understand before getting started with the furnace repair and maintenance.  

What causes my furnace to turn on/off?  

An easy guess to know your furnace or any other HVAC machine isn’t working is when it doesn’t turn on. Before you get started with the furnace troubleshooting, you must know how your conventional gas furnace or the high-efficiency furnace works. Once you are aware of this, you could be able to understand the problem in the furnace.  

Your furnace issue could be related to thermostat, circuit break, ignition problem, concerned with air filter cleaning, duct leakage, limit switch is not working, the floor drain is clogged with debris and other dirt, poorly designed exhaust pipe, leaky humidifier, noisy furnaces, etc.! The list is kind of vast, but no worries there!  

There are certain things that any do-it-yourself person with less technical knowledge could try by themselves. [If the problem difficulty is a pro one, we will mention it clearly for you.] 

Reasons for the Furnace Breakdown and their Solutions  

Did you know that more than 100 people have died and got injured due to one common poison? That is carbon monoxide. It's a colorless and odorless gas, that has got multiple sources while the furnace is the most popular one of all: a broken or a crashed furnace. If you are still waiting on that broken furnace, then it’s time to rebuild or replace the unit as soon as possible for you.  

As a preventive step, make sure that your furnace has got a warranty from the manufacturer and confirm this detail with the seller before the furnace purchase. This keeps your expenses in check, and you can directly avail the manufacturer’s furnace maintenance plan.  

Let’s now check out the common broken furnace situations and their possible solution:  

#1 Thermostat Setting 

Difficulty Level: Easy  

This is the most ordinary condition of all and could be a reason for your furnace not working problem. Check the thermostat temperature setting and set it according to your need; make sure the thermostat is set on ‘heat’ instead of cool; install the furnace system away from other space heaters; and finally, you can check the batteries if they are dead.   

#2 Circuit Breaker Tripping 

Difficulty Level: Easy 

In this case, the circuit may have tripped due to some reason. Check the fuse box and turn off the switch. Later switch on the circuit back and replace the fuse if required. Also, provided there is one switch beside the furnace that can turn the machine on or off, so do a check if someone has not accidentally turned the switch off.   

#3 Ignition issue present with the home furnace 

Difficulty Level: Medium, it may require professional support   

Ignition comes two styles- one is the standing pilot which is usually found in the older furnace models, and the other one is the ignition using a heating surface present in the high-efficiency furnace models. You need to open the ignition box by removing out the screws and inspect the ignition light.  

Kindly note: if the flame is any color other than blue, this means there’s something wrong. For a perfect ignition, the flame must be blue colored. In case the flame is flickering or orange/red-colored, you need to repair this asap. Find the best nearest furnace professional!  

#4 Furnace Air Filter Cleaning 

Difficulty Level: Easy   

If you haven’t cleaned the furnace air filter for a long time, this may block the path and shut down the furnace in extreme cases. At first, you will get restricted airflow and gradually turned things hard on the furnace. The simple way out here is cleaning or replacing the furnace filter at the right time. You can hold the air filter towards the light and check if you can see through. If you can’t see through the filter, it simply means you need a replacement/cleaning!  

Overall, this furnace maintenance work is easy and DIY – however, you can contact us for better support.  

#5 What about duct leakages?  

Difficulty Level: Medium, Technician support recommended    

Ducts should be intact and it’s your responsibility to check for any leaks. Imagine you set the thermostat properly, but not getting the correct amount of heat –this could happen if there’s a leakage in the duct.   

#6 Do you find water surrounding the furnace system? 

Difficulty Level: Easy      

If you do have a condensing type of furnace, then the machine will have a pool of water in the surrounding area. You can check the condensation draining and do the needful correction as this is something that you can fix-up by yourself. Still if you any kind of difficulty, you can also rely on our team of HVAC specialists to do the job for you.   

#7 Can my furnace release carbon monoxide? 

Difficulty Level: Difficult  

The answer to the question is, unfortunately, yes, your furnace machine could release toxic gases like carbon monoxide. This is a tasteless, colorless and odorless gas – which makes the identification difficult as well! We do have body symptoms like dizziness, headache, and feeling of nausea.   

For solving this problem, you will have to get in touch with the nearest local HVAC technician as things can get fatal. Also, you can get one carbon monoxide detector for your home so that you can test it regularly to ensure your loved one’s safety.  

Are you facing any of the above-listed furnace problems at home? If yes, then we are just a call away for you!  

See you guys soon 

-Team Glors!